Face Spitting 43


TallPrincess Violetta puts Joschi on the wall. The amazon-like glamor princess oils her great breasts in front of his eyes and tells him not to look at her. But Joschi cannot resist and has to admire her divinely beautiful body, standing in front of him in his full size. But each of his looks is punished by the haughty tall lady with a few slaps in the face. Then she steps in front of him and spits in his face. Again and again she spits in his mouth and orders him to swallow her saliva. The ultra-horny young lady looks down on him and uses his face and mouth as a spittoon. In between there are slaps from time to time for Joschi's cheeks and to top it all a lot of verbal humiliation and abuse.

Tags: spitting, spit, salvia, spucken, anpucken, femdom, humiliation, fetish, slave, mistress, goddess, madame, herrin, fetisch, sklave, domina, dominatrix, miss, lady, princess, , Tallprincess Violetta,