Spitting & Ashtray 4

Richie lies on the floor next to his mistress Princess Barby and is not allowed to move or speak. When Princess Barby lights a cigarette, she realizes that there is no ashtray. And since the spoiled Princess is of course too comfortable to get up to get an ashtray, Richie has to serve her. But Barby doesn't just send him around the ashtray, no, he has to serve as an ashtray with his mouth. She pushes the ashes of her cigarette off his lips and Richie has to swallow the ashes. And then he always has to open his mouth and show that he has swallowed the spit. Princess Barby controls that closely! As a bonus, she spits vigorously on his face and keeps insulting him. Then she humiliates him and tells him to wash, he has spit on his face there. Again and again she spits heartily in his face that the spit is running down his cheeks and gives him the ashes in his mouth.

Tags: human ashtray, spitting, spucken, anspucken, einäschern, humiliation, erniedrigung, demütigung, bdsm, bizarr, domina, domination, femdom, fetisch, fetish, goddess, herrin, madame, mistress, Princess Barby,