Spitting & Ashtray 5

Cindy sends her slave Joschi to get her an ashtray. When Joschi comes back with the ashtray, Cindy is angry: the ashtray is full to the brim with ash and cigarettes - Joschi has not emptied it. As punishment, she makes it clear to him that she will now use his mouth as an ashtray. Her friend Melady, who is watching the whole thing, immediately spits Joschi in the face. Then Cindy orders him to "open your mouth, head back!" And pushes the ashes of her cigarette into his mouth. And Melady meanwhile continues to spit on the side of Joschi. After all, he has to say "I'm a spittoon!" And has to open his mouth so that Melady can really spit into him. In addition, the hot ashes of Cindy's cigarette. Then Cindy spits on him too. They cover him with spit and ashes from both sides and verbally humiliate and insult him all the time.

Tags: human ashtray, spitting, spucken, anspucken, einäschern, humiliation, erniedrigung, demütigung, bdsm, bizarr, domina, domination, femdom, fetisch, fetish, goddess, herrin, madame, mistress, Melady, Sadistic Cindy,