Spitting 122

Amusement object for young girls!
Target spit and throw rotten food!


Princess Kirstin and her friend Missy want to humiliate their slave Smirni again today. He must first kneel naked on the floor for target spitting, with the two girls dressed in normal clothing, which in itself is humiliating. Then the two dominant teen brats start spitting on his face and head from top to bottom. They want him to keep going backwards and they make it a game that makes it harder and harder to hit his eyes, mouth, etc with their spit. With sadistic heart's content, the blond teen dominas spit all over their whiny rags.
Then it goes on with all sorts of spoiled food. Missy and Kirstin throw rotten eggs, tomatoes and stale bananas at him and spit on him. They laugh at him, taunt and mock him, and verbally humiliate him.
In the end he's soaked from head to toe and the two of them write "PIG" on his torso with lipstick and draw a pig's tail on his tailbone.
Then they give high fives because they really made a fool out of their slave here again.

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Spitting 122

  • Product Code: Spitting 122
Length: Minute
  • 16.29€

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