Spitting & Ashtray 2

Melady and her friend Lea have a sadistic fun. They discover that Richie fell asleep on the bed in the living room. Slowly they sneak up on him and then it starts: alternately they both spit into his sleeping face. Richie suddenly wakes up and is very upset. He wants to protest, but Melady sits on him and presses his hands down. And so he has to lie there, and endure agonizingly as both of them keep spitting on him, and Lea is still ashing in his mouth. He has to swallow her ashes and is verbally humiliated and insulted by both of them all the time.

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Spitting & Ashtray 2

  • Product Code: Spitting & Ashtray 2
Format: SD
Length: 8:08 Minute
  • 8.08€

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